Foley United, the world leader in Reel Grinding Equipment since 1934, brings you the fastest and easiest to use bedknife grinders in the world—the 672 Semi-Automatic and the 673 Automatic Bedknife Grinders. Both models Offer: An Innovative Bedknife Mounting System that uses powerful electromagnets to hold the bed bar in place and Positive Gauge

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Foley United Bedknife Grinder Model 396 Lawn Mower Reel Sharpener Manual/Auto. Opens in a new window or tab. Parts Only. $1,150.00. your.parts (2,198) 97.9%. or Best Offer. ... Foley Belsaw 1055 Sharp All Saw Tool Grinder Owner Operators Repair Parts Manual. Opens in a new window or tab. Brand New. $19.97. peacefulcreekauctions …

New home for M14 Foley belsaw in Sawmills and Milling

Re: New home for M14 Foley belsaw. Two suggestions one is a roll table behind saw so lumber dont have to be packed by hand. Second is crusher screen works better beside saw than solid deck to let sawdust fall thru and needs to hinge or lift to allow small slices that WILL wedge between deck and blade to fall thru.

Foley Belsaw 200 Adjustment & Operation Instructions

Page 1 Foley-Belsaw Model 200 Key Machine Adjustment & Operation Instructions Order No. R001128 ... many of them may end up as dead stock in your particular location. Page 22 sEttINg Up YOUr KEY BOArD The second method of setting up a key board is by the make of the lock, without regard to numbers. See Figure Q. The locks are grouped ...

[2023] Top 10 Máy Xay Đa Năng tốt nhất hiện nay [Tư

Top 5 Máy Xay Đa Năng Tốt Nhất. 1: Nagakawa |Máy Xay Đa Năng Nagakawa | NAG0822. 2: Philips |Máy Cắt Philips | HR1393/00. 3: BOSCH |Máy Xay Đa Năng Bosch MultiTalent 3 | MCM3100W. 4: Mishio |Máy Ép Chậm Xay Đa Năng 7 Trong 1 Mishio | MK323. 5: Panasonic |Máy Sơ Chế Thực Phẩm Panasonic | MK …

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Foley 311: Operating Instructions: 18: McKenzie, Roger: 01/23/2022: unknown: Instruction Guides: Foley Model 325 Scissors Sharpener: 8: Stansbury, Mark: 10/04/2021: …

Choosing an old planer ... on a budget

I bought a well used and somewhat abused Foley-Belsaw 910 about 5 years ago. It's a very simple machine and easy to work on. I paid $250 for it, which included the ripping attachment and quite a few molding knives. I put about $75 in it to replace most of the bushings and springs, and another $50 or so on a new set of Titan knives.

Help!!!! Foley bel saw A-14 in Sawmills and Milling

Re: Help!!!! Foley bel saw A-14. « Reply #16 on: March 31, 2016, 09:38:41 PM ». Planning on facing front of engine towards mill on the opposite side of blade with a short shaft with pulley or pulley attached to back of tranny with belts to 7ft length of 1 5/8 inch round stock carried by three pillow block bearings on a stand for jack shaft ...

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I own the Foley Belsaw 912, a Craftsman version with a 3 HP Baldor motor I added, which can be et up in 3 ways, a thickness planer, a molder and a drum sander. ... This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread. Please consider creating a new thread. Insert Quotes Quotes Post Reply. About …

New home for M14 Foley belsaw in Sawmills and Milling

Re: New home for M14 Foley belsaw. Its tough to mill underpowered,the way Belsaws are set up they need a left turning engine.The best solution is to find a large diesel farm tractor with worn out tires,no three point,or something else to make it not desireable as a field tractor and leave it hooked to the mill.

FOLEY 384 Bed Knife Grinder Operators & Parts Manual

This is a reproduction, not a photocopy, of an original Foley-Belsaw Model 384 Bed Knife Grinder Instructions and Parts Manual. This manual contains information …

Foley Model 314 Saw Tool Grinder | #42811961

Email Dan at This is a Foley Model 314 Saw Tool Grinder which came out of a commercial estate and it is in good looking and in good working condition. It is made by the Foley Mfg. Co. of Minneapolis, Minn. and features a 1/3 H.P. 1 Phase Ball Bearing Motor with 4.2 amps, 115 volts, 2850-3450 rpm, 50-60 Hz, continuous rating and H42 Frame.

Foley Belsaw Band Saw good/bad?

Just looked, not much there without searching the discussions. I've never seen a Foley bandsaw, but their other machines I've seen seemed lighter compared to other brands. Rich. 09-18-2004, 8:31 AM #3. Gary Max.

Foley Bedknife Grinders

BEDKNIFE GRINDERS. Don't sace quality or performance when choosing your equipment — Foley Bedknife Grinders meet any budget requirement of the golf course industry, while still giving you optimum …

Foley-Belsaw Model 384

Foley-Belsaw Model 384. Type 6A2 Grinding Wheel 6" x 3/16" 120 Grit. Item # 3570375. $120.40. Type 6A2 Grinding Wheel 6" x 3/16" 120 Grit CBN. Item # 3700696. $195.15 $156.75. ... We understand that it may be your first time sharpening, so we're available to help you if you have questions. Even if you're already a sharpening professional, our ...

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Local. Sort: Best Match. Shop on eBay. Brand New. $20.00. or Best Offer. Sponsored. Showing results for foley knife grinder. Search instead for foley bedknife grinder.

Foley Belsaw Planer Questions

Re: Foley Belsaw Planer Questions. 12-26-2007, 11:51 AM. Thanks for the info guys. To answer Big Mac, the wood is dry and I will tell my buddies to keep their heads down. Thanks for thinking of us. Bryan, you could be right, the board could possibly be cupped. I am not certain, but that could be the reason.


Our revolutionary grinding system, equipped with state-of-the-art features designed to meet all your grinding needs. With our advanced technology, you can now effortlessly gauge, touch-up spin grind, and relief grind using our patented auto-index relief system. This groundbreaking solution not only guarantees precision and accuracy but also ...

Anyone recognize this planer/molder | Woodworking Talk

It turned out to be a Belsaw model 684 which at one time had the bed of a jointer you could attach to the top of it. I just wanted it for a molder so I don't miss that. The guy was asking $60.00 for it and after driving 80 miles to look at it the guy plugged it in to show me it worked and it didn't.


All of Foley's ACCU-series reel grinders combine the two most desirable features in the grinding business: spin and automatic-indexing relief systems. And with our extensive experience serving the turf industry, we …

Foley Belsaw /Edger? in Sawmills and Milling

Foley Belsaw 802 Edger. Started by ktreadway on Sawmills and Milling. 4 Replies 1649 Views Last post: November 29, 2017, 08:09:03 PM by ktreadway : Foley Belsaw 4x20 edger-will it do this? Started by karl on Sawmills and Milling. 11 Replies 3888 Views Last post: May 28, 2009, 05:08:46 PM by Ron Wenrich


Achieve optimum quality of cut with premium Foley accessories. PRODUCTS. REEL GRINDERS. 653 ACCU-MASTER; 633 ACCU-PRO; 618 ACCU-SHARP; BEDKNIFE GRINDERS. 673 AUTOMATIC …


the bedknife does five or more times the work of the reel blades. In order for the reel and bedknife to shear grass properly, it is necessary that the cutting edges be sharp and have the proper clearances. There are two clearances to consider. One is the clearance between the reel blades and bedknife. This is called running clearance. Too much

Product Service & Operator Manuals

Foley Company gives you the reel and bedknife grinding equipment solutions that are easy-to-use and get you back to OEM specifications. Air2G2 air injection system promotes …

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V2 HSS PLANER KNIVES BLADES RBI 812 WOODMASTER 712 JET JWP-12 Foley Belsaw SEARS. Opens in a new window or tab. Brand New. ... FOLEY 384 Bed Knife Grinder Sharpener Owners Operators & Parts Manual 0312. Opens in a new window or tab. Brand New. $20.00. ozarktoolmanuals (24,553) 99.9%. Buy It Now.

Foley United, a Division of Foley-Belsaw, becomes …

Foley Company gives you the reel and bedknife grinding equipment solutions that are easy-to-use and get you back to OEM specifications. Air2G2 air injection system …

FOLEY 384 Bed Knife Grinder Operators & Parts …

This is a reproduction, not a photocopy, of an original Foley-Belsaw Model 384 Bed Knife Grinder Instructions and Parts Manual. This manual contains information on lubrication, maintenance, adjustments, operations, and …

Anyone buy anything from Belsaw? | NC Woodworker

3 - Foley/Belsaw per Vintage Machinery last existed in Wisconsin. This address is in Santa Clara CA. 4 - Pull up the address on Google Maps and it shows a different company and "Closed" at that address. 5 - Search on the CA Secretary of State website and it finds no business in CA with "Belsaw" in the name.

Sharpening | LumberJocks Woodworking Forum

Sharpening. This is the machine. A Foley Belsaw model 355. Basically the motor with a grinding wheel rides the track and the knives are clamped to the rail. I have numerous shims to get them set the right distance. The carriage for the motor/grinding wheel also moves to and away from the knife rail. The head obviously pivots to the proper angle ...

Foley-Belsaw Co.

Their Foley-Belsaw line of machinery was formerly marketed by the Foley-Belsaw division in Kansas City, MO. As of April, 2017, what was called "Foley Belsaw Sharpening" was purchased by Wingra Direct LLC, trading as Sharpening Supplies. As of June, 2019, all Foley-Belsaw sharpening machines have been discontinued except for …


This machine is intended for reel mower bedknife grinding ONLY. Any use other than this may cause personal injury and void the warranty. To assure the quality and safety of …

Question on a used tool, why would I?

farmer Francis Robinson I did not equip with Shopsmiths in spite of the setups but because of them. 1 1988 - Mark V 510 (bought new), 4 Poly vee 1 1/8th HP Mark V's, Mark VII, 1 Mark V Mini, 1 Frankensmith, 1 10-ER, 1 Mark V Push-me-Pull-me Drillpress, SS bandsaw, belt sander, jointer, jigsaw, shaper attach, mortising attach, TS-3650 Rigid …

Need help setting planer blades

Well - I purchased a used Foley Belsaw 12" planer at an auction, cleaned it up, had the blades sharpened and thought I was ready to go. BUT, I'm having trouble setting the blades. I am using a dial indicator on a magnetic stand to adjust the blades and have managed to get 2 of them set pretty close - within a couple three thousanths from end to …

"Reel" Facts And Optimum Cut Technology

the angle between the bottom of the bedknife and the ground under the cutting unit. As the bedknife attitude is changed, it is important to note that the reel to bedknife shear point changes relative to the center line of the reel. This can change the after cut appearance of the grass. The result may be better or worse depending on several factors.

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Joined Jan 23, 2009. 35,014 Posts. #25 · Jun 8, 2022. I have two thickness planers, a 13" Foley Belsaw with rubber feed rollers and a 15" Jet with serrated steel feed rollers. I use the Foley 90% of the time becaus i think the rubber rollers are easier on the wood surface. Both have 3 HP motors.

Re: Old Foley-Bellsaw Planer

I've owned a Foley-Belsaw 12-inch planer for several decades and it's always performed admirably. The machines are worth refurbishing and all of the parts, with the exception of the main castings, are still available. Many years ago The Belsaw Company split from Foley-Belsaw and is now located in California.

Band Saw Question | Homesteading Forum

At 200 sfm you would still want a bi-metal blade. High carbon, Hardback, etc will not last long at 200 sfm. I have a wood vertical band saw that was converted for cutting metal. 100 sfm is the fastest it turns and 40 sfm is the lowest. The harder the material you are cutting the slower the blade speed required.

Foley Belsaw Sharpall 1055

The 1055 does a fine job on saw chain, you can even lower the depth gauges adequately. As it it a multi-purpose machine, though, it has limitations on chain. The purpose of this post is to find other Foley-Belsaw Sharpall 1055 owners to share info and to discuss the limitations and tricks you may have learned to get a better finished product.

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